February 1st All Events

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February 1st, 2008 (February 01 2008)EventThe Memphis Grizzlies traded Pau Gasol to the Los Angeles Lakers for Kwame Brown, Javaris Crittenton, Aaron McKie, Marc Gasol, and first round pick 2008 and 2010.
February 1st, 2007 (February 01 2007)DeathGian Carlo Menotti, Italian-born composer (born in 1911)
February 1st, 2007 (February 01 2007)DeathSeri Wangnaitham, Thai dance choreographer (born in 1937)An Wang Quotes
February 1st, 2007 (February 01 2007)DeathWhitney Balliett, American jazz critic (born in 1926)
February 1st, 2007 (February 01 2007)DeathRay Berres, American baseball player (born in 1907)
February 1st, 2007 (February 01 2007)DeathAhmad Abu Laban, Danish Muslim leader (born in 1946)
February 1st, 2006 (February 01 2006)DeathDick Bass, American football player (born in 1937)
February 1st, 2006 (February 01 2006)DeathBryce Harland, New Zealand diplomat (born in 1931)
February 1st, 2005 (February 01 2005)EventNepal King Gyanendra exercises Coup d etat to capture the democracy becoming Chairman of the Councils of ministers.
February 1st, 2005 (February 01 2005)EventCanada introduces the Civil Marriage Act, making Canada the fourth country to sanction same-sex marriage.
February 1st, 2005 (February 01 2005)DeathJohn Vernon, Canadian actor (born in 1932)
February 1st, 2004 (February 01 2004)Event251 people are trampled to death and 244 injured in a stampede at the Hajj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia.
February 1st, 2004 (February 01 2004)EventJanet Jackson s breast is exposed during the half-time show of Super Bowl XXXVIII, resulting in US broadcasters adopting a stronger adherence to FCC censorship guidelines.Janet Jackson Quotes
February 1st, 2004 (February 01 2004)DeathMay O Donnell, American modern dancer and choreographer (born in 1909)
February 1st, 2003 (February 01 2003)EventSpace Shuttle Columbia disintegrates during reentry into the Earth s atmosphere, killing all seven astronauts aboard.
February 1st, 2003 (February 01 2003)DeathMichael P. Andersoncrew of the STS-107 Mission (Space Shuttle Columbia disaster) (born in 1959)
February 1st, 2003 (February 01 2003)DeathDavid Browncrew of the STS-107 Mission (Space Shuttle Columbia disaster) (born in 1956)
February 1st, 2003 (February 01 2003)DeathKalpana Chawlacrew of the STS-107 Mission (Space Shuttle Columbia disaster) (born in 1961)
February 1st, 2003 (February 01 2003)DeathLaurel Clarkcrew of the STS-107 Mission (Space Shuttle Columbia disaster) (born in 1961)
February 1st, 2003 (February 01 2003)DeathRick D. Husbandcrew of the STS-107 Mission (Space Shuttle Columbia disaster) (born in 1957)
February 1st, 2003 (February 01 2003)DeathWillie McCoolcrew of the STS-107 Mission (Space Shuttle Columbia disaster) (born in 1961)
February 1st, 2003 (February 01 2003)DeathIlan Ramoncrew of the STS-107 Mission (Space Shuttle Columbia disaster) (born in 1954)
February 1st, 2003 (February 01 2003)DeathMongo Santamaria, Cuban percussionist and band leader (born in 1922)
February 1st, 2002 (February 01 2002)DeathHildegard Knef, German actress, singer, and writer (born in 1925)
February 1st, 2001 (February 01 2001)DeathAndre D Allemagne, Quebec teacher, political observer and essayist (born in 1929)
February 1st, 1999 (February 01 1999)DeathPaul Mellon, American philanthropist (born in 1907)
February 1st, 1999 (February 01 1999)DeathBar?s Manco, Turkish singer, composer, television producer and celebrity. (born in 1943)
February 1st, 1998 (February 01 1998)EventRear Admiral Lillian E. Fishburne became the first female African American to be promoted to rear admiral.
February 1st, 1997 (February 01 1997)DeathHerb Caen, American newspaper columnist (born in 1916)
February 1st, 1996 (February 01 1996)EventThe Communications Decency Act is passed by the U.S. Congress.
February 1st, 1992 (February 01 1992)EventThe Chief Judicial Magistrate of Bhopal court declares Warren Anderson, ex-CEO of Union Carbide, a fugitive under Indian law for failing to appear in the Bhopal Disaster case.
February 1st, 1991 (February 01 1991)DeathCarol Dempster, American actress (born in 1901)
February 1st, 1991 (February 01 1991)DeathPhil Watson, Canadian ice hockey player and coach (born in 1914)
February 1st, 1990 (February 01 1990)BirthLaura Marling, British singer-songwriter
February 1st, 1989 (February 01 1989)EventThe Western Australian towns of Kalgoorlie and Boulder amalgamate to form the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder.
February 1st, 1989 (February 01 1989)BirthHurricane Chris, American rapper
February 1st, 1989 (February 01 1989)DeathElaine de Kooning, American artist (born in 1918)
February 1st, 1988 (February 01 1988)DeathHeather O Rourke, American actress (born in 1975)
February 1st, 1987 (February 01 1987)BirthGiuseppe Rossi, Italian/American footballer
February 1st, 1987 (February 01 1987)DeathAlessandro Blasetti, Italian film director (born in 1900)
February 1st, 1986 (February 01 1986)BirthLauren Conrad, American TV star
February 1st, 1986 (February 01 1986)DeathAlva Myrdal, Swedish politician, diplomat, and writer, Nobel Prize Laureate (born in 1902)
February 1st, 1986 (February 01 1986)DeathGino Hernandez, American wrestler (born in 1957)
February 1st, 1985 (February 01 1985)BirthDean Shiels, Northern Irish footballer
February 1st, 1985 (February 01 1985)BirthRachael Scdoris, American dog musher
February 1st, 1985 (February 01 1985)BirthJodi Gordon, Australian actress and model
February 1st, 1984 (February 01 1984)BirthDarren Fletcher, Scottish footballer
February 1st, 1984 (February 01 1984)BirthLee Thompson Young, American actor
February 1st, 1983 (February 01 1983)BirthKevin Martin, American basketball player
February 1st, 1982 (February 01 1982)EventSenegal and the Gambia form a loose confederation known as Senegambia.
February 1st, 1982 (February 01 1982)BirthShoaib Malik, Pakistani cricketer
February 1st, 1981 (February 01 1981)BirthLuis Lama, Angolan footballer
February 1st, 1981 (February 01 1981)BirthGraeme Smith, South African cricketer
February 1st, 1981 (February 01 1981)BirthRob Austin, British racing driver
February 1st, 1981 (February 01 1981)DeathDonald Wills Douglas, Sr., American aircraft manufacturer (born in 1892)Donald Douglas Quotes
February 1st, 1981 (February 01 1981)DeathGeirr Tveitt, Norwegian composer (born in 1908)
February 1st, 1980 (February 01 1980)BirthHector Luna, Dominican Republic baseball player
February 1st, 1980 (February 01 1980)BirthMoises Munoz, Mexican footballer
February 1st, 1980 (February 01 1980)BirthOtilino Tenorio, Ecuadorian footballer (died in 2005)
February 1st, 1980 (February 01 1980)DeathGastone Nencini, Italian cyclist (born in 1930)
February 1st, 1979 (February 01 1979)EventConvicted bank robber Patty Hearst is released from prison after her sentence was commuted by President Jimmy Carter.Jimmy Carter Quotes
February 1st, 1979 (February 01 1979)EventThe Ayatollah Khomeini is welcomed back into Tehran, Iran after nearly 15 years of exile.
February 1st, 1979 (February 01 1979)BirthJulie Augustyniak, American soccer player
February 1st, 1979 (February 01 1979)BirthJuan Silveira dos Santos, Brazilian footballer
February 1st, 1979 (February 01 1979)BirthValentin Elizalde, Mexican Singer (d.2006)
February 1st, 1978 (February 01 1978)EventDirector Roman Polanski skips bail and flees the United States to France after pleading guilty to charges of engaging in sex with a 13-year-old girl.Roman Polanski Quotes
February 1st, 1977 (February 01 1977)BirthKevin Kilbane, Irish footballer
February 1st, 1976 (February 01 1976)BirthPhil Ivey, American poker player
February 1st, 1976 (February 01 1976)DeathWerner Heisenberg, German physicist, Nobel Prize Laureate (born in 1901)Werner Heisenberg Quotes
February 1st, 1976 (February 01 1976)DeathGeorge Whipple, American scientist, Nobel Prize Laureate (born in 1878)
February 1st, 1975 (February 01 1975)BirthBig Boi, American musician (Outkast)
February 1st, 1975 (February 01 1975)BirthKaterina Thanou, Greek sprinter
February 1st, 1974 (February 01 1974)EventA fire in the 25-story Joelma Building in Sao Paulo, Brazil kills 189 and injures 293.
February 1st, 1974 (February 01 1974)EventKuala Lumpur is declared a Federal Territory.
February 1st, 1974 (February 01 1974)BirthRoberto Heras, Spanish cyclist
February 1st, 1974 (February 01 1974)BirthDavid Meca, Spanish long distance swimmer
February 1st, 1973 (February 01 1973)BirthYuri Landman, Experimental musical instrument builder, musician and comic book artist
February 1st, 1973 (February 01 1973)BirthMakiko Ohmoto, Japanese voice actress
February 1st, 1972 (February 01 1972)EventKuala Lumpur becomes a city by a royal charter granted by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong of Malaysia.
February 1st, 1972 (February 01 1972)BirthYoshi DeHerrera, American TV personality
February 1st, 1972 (February 01 1972)BirthKami (musician), drummer of Japanese visual kei band Malice Mizer (d.1999)
February 1st, 1971 (February 01 1971)BirthMichael C. Hall, American actor
February 1st, 1971 (February 01 1971)BirthJill Kelly, American porn actress
February 1st, 1971 (February 01 1971)BirthRon Welty, American musician
February 1st, 1971 (February 01 1971)BirthZlatko Zahovic, Slovenian footballer
February 1st, 1971 (February 01 1971)BirthAjay Jadeja, Former Indian cricketer
February 1st, 1970 (February 01 1970)BirthMalik Sealy, American basketball player (died in 2000)
February 1st, 1970 (February 01 1970)BirthYasuyuki Kazama, Japanese racing driver
February 1st, 1970 (February 01 1970)DeathAlfred Renyi, Hungarian mathematician (born in 1921)
February 1st, 1969 (February 01 1969)BirthGabriel Batistuta, Argentine footballer
February 1st, 1969 (February 01 1969)BirthJoshua Redman, American musician
February 1st, 1969 (February 01 1969)BirthBrian Krause, American actor
February 1st, 1969 (February 01 1969)BirthPatrick Wilson, American musician
February 1st, 1968 (February 01 1968)EventVietnam War: The execution of Viet Cong officer Nguyen Van Lem by South Vietnamese National Police Chief Nguyen Ngoc Loan is videotaped and photographed by Eddie Adams. This image helped build opposition to the Vietnam War.
February 1st, 1968 (February 01 1968)EventCanada s three military services of Canada, the Royal Canadian Navy, the Canadian Army and the Royal Canadian Air Force, are unified into the Canadian Forces.
February 1st, 1968 (February 01 1968)EventThe New York Central Railroad and the Pennsylvania Railroad are merged to form ill-fated Penn Central Transportation.
February 1st, 1968 (February 01 1968)BirthLisa Marie Presley, American singer and actress
February 1st, 1968 (February 01 1968)BirthPauly Shore, American comedian
February 1st, 1968 (February 01 1968)BirthMark Recchi, Canadian ice hockey player
February 1st, 1968 (February 01 1968)BirthKent Mercker, American baseball player
February 1st, 1967 (February 01 1967)BirthMeg Cabot, American author
February 1st, 1967 (February 01 1967)BirthPatle Shishupal Natthu, Indian politician
February 1st, 1966 (February 01 1966)BirthMichelle Akers, American soccer player
February 1st, 1966 (February 01 1966)BirthRob Lee, English footballer
February 1st, 1966 (February 01 1966)DeathHedda Hopper, American gossip columnist (born in 1885)
February 1st, 1966 (February 01 1966)DeathBuster Keaton, American actor (born in 1895)Buster Keaton Quotes
February 1st, 1965 (February 01 1965)EventThe Hamilton River in Labrador, Canada is renamed the Churchill River in honour of Winston Churchill.Winston Churchill Quotes
February 1st, 1965 (February 01 1965)BirthSherilyn Fenn, American actress
February 1st, 1965 (February 01 1965)BirthBrandon Lee, American actor (died in 1993)
February 1st, 1965 (February 01 1965)BirthPrincess Stephanie of Monaco
February 1st, 1964 (February 01 1964)BirthMario Pelchat, Quebec singer
February 1st, 1964 (February 01 1964)BirthLinus Roache, English actor
February 1st, 1963 (February 01 1963)BirthTakashi Murakami, Japanese artist
February 1st, 1963 (February 01 1963)DeathFleetwood Lindley, the last living person to see Abraham Lincoln s face (born in 1888)Abraham Lincoln Quotes
February 1st, 1962 (February 01 1962)BirthJose Luis Cuciuffo, Argentinian footballer (died in 2004)
February 1st, 1962 (February 01 1962)BirthTomoyasu Hotei, Japanese guitarist
February 1st, 1961 (February 01 1961)BirthVolker Fried, German field hockey player
February 1st, 1960 (February 01 1960)EventFour black students stage the first of the Greensboro sit-ins at a lunch counter in Greensboro, North Carolina.
February 1st, 1959 (February 01 1959)DeathMadame Sul-Te-Wan, American actress (born in 1873)
February 1st, 1958 (February 01 1958)EventMerger of Egypt and Syria to form the United Arab Republic, which lasted until 1961.
February 1st, 1958 (February 01 1958)BirthJackie Shroff, Indian actor
February 1st, 1958 (February 01 1958)BirthLuther Blissett, English footballer
February 1st, 1958 (February 01 1958)DeathClinton Davisson, American physicist, Nobel Prize Laureate (born in 1888)
February 1st, 1957 (February 01 1957)EventFelix Wankel s first working prototype DKM 54 of the Wankel engine was running at the NSU research and development department Versuchsabteilung TX in Germany
February 1st, 1957 (February 01 1957)DeathFriedrich Paulus, German general (born in 1890)Friedrich Paulus Quotes
February 1st, 1956 (February 01 1956)BirthBrahmanandam, Indian film actor
February 1st, 1956 (February 01 1956)BirthExene Cervenka, American musician
February 1st, 1956 (February 01 1956)BirthMike Kitchen, Canadian ice hockey player and coach
February 1st, 1955 (February 01 1955)BirthErnie Camacho, baseball player
February 1st, 1954 (February 01 1954)BirthChuck Dukowski, American musician (Black Flag)Chuck D Quotes
February 1st, 1954 (February 01 1954)BirthBill Mumy, American actor and musician
February 1st, 1953 (February 01 1953)BirthBrendan Batson, English former footballer
February 1st, 1953 (February 01 1953)BirthDuane Chapman, American TV personality
February 1st, 1951 (February 01 1951)BirthSonny Landreth, American guitarist and songwriter
February 1st, 1950 (February 01 1950)BirthMike Campbell, American guitarist and producer
February 1st, 1948 (February 01 1948)BirthRick James, American musician and composer (died in 2004)
February 1st, 1948 (February 01 1948)BirthElisabeth Sladen, British actress
February 1st, 1947 (February 01 1947)BirthMike Brant, Israeli pop singer (died in 1975)
February 1st, 1947 (February 01 1947)BirthNormie Rowe, Australian singer
February 1st, 1947 (February 01 1947)BirthJessica Savitch, American journalist (died in 1983)
February 1st, 1946 (February 01 1946)EventTrygve Lie of Norway is picked to be the first United Nations Secretary General.
February 1st, 1946 (February 01 1946)BirthChris Clark, Motown Soul singer
February 1st, 1945 (February 01 1945)BirthSerge Joyal, French Canadian politician
February 1st, 1944 (February 01 1944)BirthMike Enzi, American politician, senator of Wyoming
February 1st, 1944 (February 01 1944)BirthBurkhard Ziese, German football manager
February 1st, 1944 (February 01 1944)DeathPiet Mondriaan, Dutch painter (born in 1872)
February 1st, 1943 (February 01 1943)EventWorld War II: Vidkun Quisling is appointed Premier of Norway by the Nazi occupiers.
February 1st, 1942 (February 01 1942)BirthTerry Jones, Welsh actor and writerTerry Jones Quotes
February 1st, 1942 (February 01 1942)BirthMuna Wassef, Wassef is a well known Syrian/Arab movie star and a United Nations Goodwill ambassador.
February 1st, 1941 (February 01 1941)BirthKarl Dall, German television host
February 1st, 1941 (February 01 1941)BirthJerry Spinelli, children s author
February 1st, 1940 (February 01 1940)BirthBibi Besch, Austrian-American actress (died in 1996)
February 1st, 1940 (February 01 1940)BirthHerve Filion, Quebec harness racer
February 1st, 1939 (February 01 1939)BirthClaude Francois, French singer (died in 1978)
February 1st, 1939 (February 01 1939)BirthPaul Gillmor, American politician (died in 2007)Eric Gill Quotes
February 1st, 1939 (February 01 1939)BirthJoe Sample, American jazz pianist
February 1st, 1938 (February 01 1938)BirthSherman Hemsley, American comedian and actor
February 1st, 1937 (February 01 1937)BirthDon Everly, American musician (Everly Brothers)
February 1st, 1937 (February 01 1937)BirthGarrett Morris, American comedian
February 1st, 1937 (February 01 1937)BirthRay Sawyer, American singer (Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show)
February 1st, 1936 (February 01 1936)BirthAzie Taylor Morton, 35th Treasurer of the United States (died in 2003)
February 1st, 1936 (February 01 1936)DeathGeorgios Kondylis, general of the Greek army and Prime Minister of Greece (born in 1878)
February 1st, 1934 (February 01 1934)BirthBob Shane, American folk singer (The Kingston Trio)
February 1st, 1931 (February 01 1931)BirthBoris Yeltsin, 1st President of the Russian Federation (died in 2007)Boris Yeltsin Quotes
February 1st, 1931 (February 01 1931)BirthIajuddin Ahmed, President of Bangladesh
February 1st, 1930 (February 01 1930)BirthShahabuddin Ahmed, President of Bangladesh
February 1st, 1930 (February 01 1930)BirthMario Beaulieu, Quebec politician (died in 1998)
February 1st, 1930 (February 01 1930)BirthHossain Mohammad Ershad, Bangladeshi politician
February 1st, 1928 (February 01 1928)DeathHughie Jennings, American baseball player and manager (born in 1869)
February 1st, 1926 (February 01 1926)BirthStuart Whitman, American actor
February 1st, 1924 (February 01 1924)EventThe United Kingdom recognizes USSR.
February 1st, 1924 (February 01 1924)BirthH. Richard Hornberger, American writer (died in 1997)Ric Berger Quotes
February 1st, 1924 (February 01 1924)BirthBen Weider, Quebec businessman and author
February 1st, 1922 (February 01 1922)BirthRenata Tebaldi, Italian soprano (died in 2004)
February 1st, 1920 (February 01 1920)EventThe Royal Canadian Mounted Police begins operations.
February 1st, 1918 (February 01 1918)EventRussia adopts the Gregorian Calendar.
February 1st, 1918 (February 01 1918)BirthMuriel Spark, Scottish author (died in 2006)
February 1st, 1915 (February 01 1915)BirthStanley Matthews, English football player (died in 2000)
February 1st, 1913 (February 01 1913)EventNew York City s Grand Central Terminal opens as the world s largest train station.
February 1st, 1909 (February 01 1909)BirthGeorge Beverly Shea, Canadian singer
February 1st, 1908 (February 01 1908)EventKing Carlos I of Portugal and his son, Prince Luis Filipe are killed in Terreiro do Paco, Lisbon.
February 1st, 1908 (February 01 1908)BirthGeorge Pal, Hungarian-born director and producer (died in 1980)
February 1st, 1908 (February 01 1908)DeathKing Carlos I of Portugal (born in 1863)
February 1st, 1907 (February 01 1907)BirthGunter Eich, German lyricist (died in 1972)
February 1st, 1907 (February 01 1907)BirthCamargo Guarnieri, Brazilian composer (died in 1993)
February 1st, 1906 (February 01 1906)BirthHildegarde, American actress and singer (died in 2005)
February 1st, 1905 (February 01 1905)BirthEmilio G. Segre, Nobel Prize Laureate (died in 1989)
February 1st, 1904 (February 01 1904)BirthS. J. Perelman, American humorist (died in 1979)S. J. Perelman Quotes
February 1st, 1903 (February 01 1903)DeathGeorge Gabriel Stokes, Irish physicist (born in 1819)
February 1st, 1902 (February 01 1902)BirthLangston Hughes American writer (died in 1967)
February 1st, 1902 (February 01 1902)BirthTherese Brandl, Nazi concentration camp guard (died in 1947, by execution)
February 1st, 1901 (February 01 1901)BirthClark Gable, American actor (died in 1960)
February 1st, 1897 (February 01 1897)EventShinhan Bank, the oldest bank in South Korea, opens in Seoul.
February 1st, 1897 (February 01 1897)DeathConstantin von Ettingshausen, Austrian geologist (born in 1826)
February 1st, 1896 (February 01 1896)EventThe opera La boheme premieres in Turin.
February 1st, 1895 (February 01 1895)BirthConn Smythe, Canadian builder of the National Hockey League (died in 1980)
February 1st, 1894 (February 01 1894)BirthJohn Ford, American director and producer (died in 1973)
February 1st, 1894 (February 01 1894)BirthJames P. Johnson, American composer (died in 1955)
February 1st, 1893 (February 01 1893)EventThomas A. Edison finishes construction of the first motion picture studio, the Black Maria in West Orange, New Jersey.
February 1st, 1893 (February 01 1893)DeathGeorge Henry Sanderson, Mayor of San Francisco (born in 1824)
February 1st, 1887 (February 01 1887)BirthCharles Nordhoff, English-born author (died in 1947)
February 1st, 1884 (February 01 1884)EventEdition one of the Oxford English Dictionary is published.
February 1st, 1884 (February 01 1884)BirthYevgeny Zamyatin, Russian writer (died in 1937)
February 1st, 1882 (February 01 1882)BirthLouis Stephen St. Laurent, 12th Prime Minister of Canada (died in 1973)
February 1st, 1880 (February 01 1880)EventThe first edition of theatrical newspaper The Stage is published.
February 1st, 1878 (February 01 1878)BirthMilan Hodza, Slovak politician (died in 1944)
February 1st, 1874 (February 01 1874)BirthHugo von Hofmannsthal, Austrian writer (died in 1929)
February 1st, 1873 (February 01 1873)BirthJoseph Allard, Canadian fiddler (died in 1947)
February 1st, 1873 (February 01 1873)BirthJohn Barry, Irish recipient of the Victoria Cross (died in 1901)
February 1st, 1872 (February 01 1872)BirthJerome F. Donovan, American politician (died in 1949)
February 1st, 1872 (February 01 1872)BirthAndrew Kehoe, American mass murderer (died in 1927)
February 1st, 1862 (February 01 1862)EventJulia Ward Howe s "Battle Hymn of the Republic" is published for the first time in the Atlantic Monthly.Julia Ward Howe Quotes
February 1st, 1861 (February 01 1861)EventAmerican Civil War: Texas secedes from the United States.
February 1st, 1859 (February 01 1859)BirthVictor Herbert, Irish composer (died in 1924)
February 1st, 1856 (February 01 1856)EventAuburn University is chartered as the East Alabama Male College.
February 1st, 1851 (February 01 1851)BirthDurham Stevens, American diplomat (died in 1908)
February 1st, 1851 (February 01 1851)DeathMary Shelley, English author (born in 1797)
February 1st, 1844 (February 01 1844)BirthG. Stanley Hall, American psychologist (died in 1924)
February 1st, 1832 (February 01 1832)DeathArchibald Murphey, North Carolina politician (born in 1777)
February 1st, 1820 (February 01 1820)BirthGeorge Hendric Houghton, American Protestant Episcopal clergyman (died in 1897)
February 1st, 1814 (February 01 1814)EventMayon Volcano, in the Philippines, erupts, killing around 1,200 people; most devastating eruption of Mayon Volcano.
February 1st, 1801 (February 01 1801)BirthEmile Littre, French lexicographer (died in 1881)
February 1st, 1796 (February 01 1796)EventThe capital of Upper Canada is moved from Newark to York.
February 1st, 1796 (February 01 1796)BirthAbraham Emanuel Frohlich, Swiss poet (died in 1865) Abraham Quotes
February 1st, 1793 (February 01 1793)EventFrench Revolutionary Wars: France declares war on the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.
February 1st, 1793 (February 01 1793)DeathWilliam Wildman Shute Barrington, British statesman (born in 1717)
February 1st, 1790 (February 01 1790)EventIn New York City the Supreme Court of the United States attempts to convene for the first time.
February 1st, 1768 (February 01 1768)DeathSir Robert Rich, 4th Baronet, British cavalry officer (born in 1685)
February 1st, 1763 (February 01 1763)BirthThomas Campbell, Irish theologian (died in 1854)Thomas Campbell Quotes
February 1st, 1761 (February 01 1761)BirthChristian Hendrik Persoon, South African mycologist (died in 1836)
February 1st, 1761 (February 01 1761)DeathPierre Francois Xavier de Charlevoix, French historian (born in 1682)
February 1st, 1743 (February 01 1743)DeathGiuseppe Ottavio Pitoni, Italian composer (born in 1657)
February 1st, 1734 (February 01 1734)DeathJohn Floyer, English physician and writer (born in 1649)
February 1st, 1733 (February 01 1733)DeathKing Augustus II of Poland (born in 1670)
February 1st, 1718 (February 01 1718)DeathCharles Talbot, 1st Duke of Shrewsbury, English politician (born in 1660)
February 1st, 1713 (February 01 1713)EventThe Kalabalik or Tumult in Bendery results from the Ottoman sultan s order that his unwelcome guest, King Charles XII of Sweden, be seized.Tom Ze Quotes
February 1st, 1691 (February 01 1691)DeathPope Alexander VIII (born in 1610)Alexander Pope Quotes
February 1st, 1690 (February 01 1690)BirthFrancesco Maria Veracini, Italian composer (died in 1768)
February 1st, 1662 (February 01 1662)EventThe Chinese general Koxinga seizes the island of Taiwan after a nine-month siege.
February 1st, 1635 (February 01 1635)BirthMarquard Gude, German archaeologist (died in 1689)
February 1st, 1590 (February 01 1590)DeathLawrence Humphrey,English clergyman and educator
February 1st, 1563 (February 01 1563)DeathMenas, Emperor of Ethiopia (died of fever)
February 1st, 1552 (February 01 1552)BirthEdward Coke, English colonial entrepreneur (died in 1634)
February 1st, 1542 (February 01 1542)DeathGirolamo Aleandro, Italian Catholic cardinal (born in 1480)
February 1st, 1462 (February 01 1462)BirthJohannes Trithemius, German cryptographer (died in 1516)
February 1st, 1459 (February 01 1459)BirthConrad Celtes, German scholar (died in 1508)
February 1st, 1411 (February 01 1411)EventThe First Peace of Thorn is signed in Thorn, Monastic State of the Teutonic Knights (Prussia).
February 1st, 1328 (February 01 1328)DeathKing Charles IV of France (born in 1294)
February 1st, 1327 (February 01 1327)EventTeenaged Edward III is crowned King of England, but the country is ruled by his mother Queen Isabella and her lover Roger Mortimer.
February 1st, 1261 (February 01 1261)BirthWalter de Stapledon, English bishop (died in 1326)
February 1st, 1248 (February 01 1248)DeathHenry II, Duke of Brabant (born in 1207)

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